A Tucson shelter that usually houses up to 20 undocumented immigrants a night has seen no people this week. Since a policy change, immigrants are being sent to the Phoenix Greyhound station wearing ankle bracelets to track their location.

Downtown Tucson Partnership is one of many groups trying to help graduates in the area build startup companies in hopes that students will stay in town after college. As a result, the town’s downtown economy is slowly growing and steadily developing.

Markie Raymond, 15, found creativity and support at Imago Dei, a private, tuition-free school serving low-income families in Tucson, Ariz.

Ella es de México y tiene más de 500 años. La influencia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe se ha expandido por toda la region. Este año marca el aniversario número 120 de la coronación de su imagen.

An advocacy group is promoting the banning of exotic animals in circuses, but in Tucson, the show goes beyond animals.

Teenage girls train with firefighters and law enforcement officials at Camp Fury to gain confidence in pursuing male-dominated careers in public safety.

Chicken rentals are becoming more popular across the country. Rent the Chicken lets customers experience raising chickens without having to commit to keeping them long-term.

Mount Hopkins has been home to the MMT Observatory for over three decades. Now, it is the 14th largest telescope in the world and the go-to telescope for scientists who want to see deep space.

Diabetes is rampant among the Tohono O’odham, a nation in southwestern Arizona. They are taking the fight to the schools by bringing traditional foods into cafeteria lunches and planting gardens in the playground.

A vocational school is teaching unemployed people to become qualified entry-level cooks at local businesses. Caridad Community Kitchen offers a 10-week Culinary Training Program to Tucsonans who have little or no income and a passion for cooking.

Homeowners turned a wall on their property, at a well-traveled intersection in Tucson, into a whiteboard to express their political beliefs.

Tucsonans are playing golf in the afternoon, eating outdoors and wearing sweaters in the evening as they enjoy one of the coolest Mays in decades.

In Focus

With the temperature rising past 100 degrees, Thursday was a good day for Tucson’s city pools to open.