When Rosa Robles found out she was going to be deported, she decided to claim sanctuary at Southside Presbyterian Church. She has lived there for 10 months and does not plan on leaving until her case is resolved.

The Cruising Christians, the Tucson chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association, defy stereotypes by spreading the Gospel on motorcycles.

Chicken rentals are becoming more popular across the country. Rent the Chicken lets customers experience raising chickens without having to commit to keeping them long-term.

Arizona has three of the top 10 public schools in the U.S. News & World Report rankings, but it lags behind in overall public education performance. A proposal from Gov. Doug Ducey could magnify the gap by rewarding highly ranked schools and defunding others.



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In Focus

With the temperature rising past 100 degrees, Thursday was a good day for Tucson’s city pools to open.