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Santiago Mejia

While in high school, Santiago Mejia only considered photography a hobby. He never imagined it would become his profession. At City College of San Francisco, however, he wanted to become a doctor to save lives. Mr. Mejia’s classes consisted mostly of math and science with one exception: photojournalism. His friend suggested he join the college newspaper and Mr. Mejia joined as a photographer. He later became the editor in chief. Mr. Mejia, an intern at the San Francisco Chronicle and a photographer at the Institute, believes he can still save lives as a photojournalist.

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Teenagers from the 4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors program watered the worm bin at the Tucson Farm Village in Tucson on May 27. The program plans to train at least 300 youth this year in farming, nutrition and food preparation.

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A mural made by a local artist known as Akers embellished the entrance of Generation Cool, a vintage clothing store for comic paraphernalia enthusiasts.


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With the temperature rising past 100 degrees, Thursday was a good day for Tucson’s city pools to open.